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My name is Andrea Lucero. I started my journey as a photographer about 2009. Over the years I've been fortunate enough to explore many facets of photography. My professional services include engagement sessions, wedding photography, portraits, life-style photography, concerts, product, head shots, events, pet photography, maternity, newborn, and births. Some of my work has been published in American Songwriter and International Musician, and is featured as the album cover of Keb Mo's "Blues Americana" and Arthur Adams' "Feet back in the Door."


My Approach

My basic philosophy when it comes to photography is that a picture does not have to say a thousand words, but it should say something. Life tends to blaze past us if we don't purposefully pull the breaks. A photograph can be the link that restores us to a time passed allowing us to stay connected to a memory, a feeling, a part or ourselves. I think what I love about photography is the moment of capturing, when I become acutely aware that I am taking part in another being's space and time and that I am making a moment tangible (no matter how big or small) that otherwise may have gone unnoticed!


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The quickest and best way to get a hold of me is via phone. I would love to discuss your photography needs and work with you in effectuating your vision. 

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